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Brisbane's Best Day Spas | Lifestyle
January 13, 2023 – 09:33 am

day spa,As the seasons change, we all tend to feel a little flat. Which means now is the perfect time to start thinking about day spas!

Whether you’re the one in need of some TLC or you know someone who is, we’ve found the best day spas our fair-weathered metropolis has to offer. So switch off your phone, shut out the world, and get glowing again.

Give your skin some much-needed love so you can put your best foot face forward this spring.

Endota is an Indigenous word meaning “beautiful”, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel after a few hours of pampering here. Endota Spa has three locations across Brisbane, offering a range of all-Australian treatments, delivered in calming and friendly eco-modern surroundings.

Nestled in the lush acreage of Brookfield, One Wybelenna is far enough away from the bustle of the CBD to provide a true spa sanctuary and holistic pamper experience. With its timber architecture and expansive gardens, it is the epitome of luxury.

Located on the 45th floor of the Brisbane Marriott Hotel, Dome Spa Retreat is the ultimate hidden oasis. With sensational city views from the pool deck, as well as the sauna and spa, Dome is the perfect location for a day of pampering. Slip into a robe and slippers and enjoy a cup of herbal tea before your treatment – or better still, grab the girls and organise a champagne high tea!

With more than 15 years of experience, Brooke Jesberg and her staff at Brooklyn Beauty Bar specialise in their eyebrow sculpting and they’re a tad famous for it! They also offer lash extensions and half-hour “Glow & Go” facials and the Brooklyn Beauty Bar is home to Brisbane’s best nails and tans. So book yourself an appointment, pronto!

If you love the idea of not having to travel too far from home to indulge in Brisbane’s best day spas, Stephanies Luxury Spas could be the place for you. With five locations spanning across Brisbane CBD, Noosa, Cleveland, Bulimba, and Clear Mountain, Stephanies Luxury Spas offers an impressive menu of beauty treatments, spa therapies, and exclusive signature treatments.

At James Street’s Water Lily Concept store, guests are invited to interact with the complete collection of Water Lily products at the marble sensory bar while enjoying aromatherapy compresses and herbal tea. This concept store may not be your conventional day spa, but Water Lily’s range of skin care is to die for, especially when prepping the skin for the warmer months. And even better, as a Waterlily VIP you receive complimentary seasonal treatments in the luxury spa suite, providing guests with a revitalising spa experience.

A modern-day day spa with an oriental twist, Sakura Day Spa offers guests a complete mental and physical getaway – from massages, hot stone therapy, and body treatments to full spa packages, and treatments tailored for men, Sakura Day Spa is the perfect inner-city hideaway.

SkinSpirit offers clients a luxurious getaway experience without having to venture too far from home. From facials, beauty treatments, brow sculpting and waxing to pedicures, manicures and professional makeup services, Skin Spirit will leave you (and your skin) feeling prepped and primed for spring.

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