Best spa days

The 5 best spas in Rome
November 12, 2023 – 08:18 am
Spa Days In Orlando For Mother

By now you would’ve guessed I’m quite partial to a spa day!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have massages, body treatments and facials in some of the best day spas in the world from New York to Melbourne, in the thermal springs of Bath, at a beach spa in San Sebastián, Turkish hamam on the western coast of Turkey to Dubai and Hong Kong.

If I have a few free hours and there’s a spa in the city I’m traveling in or the hotel I’m staying in, you can bet I’ll be in it. And I don’t usually miss out on an appointment time either because I book in as far in advance as possible.

I’ve had scrubs and polishes, hot stone massages, ancient body rituals and facials to experiencing Vichy showers, steam rooms, hot tubs and Finnish style saunas. You name it, I’ve tried it.

So it would come as no surprise then that I’ve tried any dayspa in Rome that’s worth trying (by the way that doesn’t mean this list couldn’t be expanded in future!).

In Rome, these are not only my favourite place to escape from the craziness, but also the best luxury day spas in the city.

Happy pampering!

Caschera Spa, Palazzo Montemartini, (Centro, Termini)

Located within the uber boutique hotel, Palazzo Montemartini (poignantly right by the ancient Roman baths of Diocletian), the spa here is what you’d expect of a Caschera Spa and more. Open to external guests, in addition to treatment rooms, it features a hydrotonic indoor heated pool plus a jacuzzi with bubble beds where you can sit and let your worries float away. There are sensory showers, a salt room, sauna and relaxation area, cervical waterfalls, swimming aganist the tide, sensory showers, chromotherapy sensory showers, Finnish shower, sauna, Turkish bath, salt room, relaxation area with herbal teas and water plus the exclusive range of Florence based toiletries by Lorenzo Villoresi in the change area. Their signature treatment is the only one of its kind in the world.

The Roman Otium Ritual is just divine and is the ultimate in pampering treatments. Start off with a full body scrub and then after your shower, a body mask is applied to then be sensuously scraped off with a strigile – a brass cupping utensil inspired by an ancient roman technique. Finish up with a massage and you really won’t know yourself! Treatments here start from €120 and this particular ritual costs €220 for 80 minutes.

Just to add to the luxurious experience, the Caschera Spa has a concierge desk in the hotel lobby, for quick and personalised entry.

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