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July 31, 2023 – 02:37 am
2017 Salon Today 200: Compensation and Benefits - Awards

Avalon Salon first opened its doors to Dallas patrons on February 22, 1990. This Aveda Concept Salon was co-founded by business partners and close friends, Ric Bowden and Lawrence Bonanno. To create the Avalon culture, they cultivated an atmosphere based on job security by establishing multiple educational programs, opportunities for advancement and a “people first” environment. To this day, these are still the core values that drive our thriving business.

Expanding Our Horizons

Over the next ten years, Avalon Salons expanded into the vibrant community of Uptown Dallas. New salons were opened, and for the first time, spa services were introduced. In 2001, Avalon Salon/Spa at the West Village opened as the largest salon in the company. Even today, the further expanding West Village is still one of the busiest retail/restaurant areas in the city. With a full spa located within the salon, guests can unwind after a long day in the office with a therapeutic massage or calming facial. For our North Dallas, Plano and Frisco area guests, Avalon Salon The Shops at Legacy is now open.

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