Cactus Salon Day Spa

The Cactus staff continually strives to achieve client satisfaction in every area of beauty.
April 27, 2023 – 06:59 am
Cactus hair salon smithtown | Hair Super Pesis

cactus-spaOur state-of-the-art Salons and Spas are designed to provide an experience that is unsurpassed in value, technical skill, customer service and performance. Our signature services include treatments such as: our all natural Brazilian & Keratin Straightenings, Hair Extensions & Custom Deep Conditioning treatments as well as the latest techniques in Highlighting and Corrective Color that will guarantee beautiful results.

Cactus Salon is proud to offer our very own LUXURY keratin enriched hair color line- formulated to achieve the best pigment possible while enhancing the hair texture for smoother, longer lasting, vibrant results. Precision Cuts, Silky Blowouts and Elegant Up-dos are just some of the many services our talented stylists provide in all Cactus Salon locations.

In addition, we carry an extensive array of professional hair care products from top lines like Joico, Paul Mitchell, Sexy, Enjoy, Keratin Complex and many other top lines to help you maintain your look at home.

Our Spas offer today’s most advanced services in a relaxing and serene environment. Enjoy a variety of Full Body Massages & Deluxe Facials, GM Collins Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and MicroCurrent Facelift Treatments for the best in advanced anti-aging skin care. Treat yourself to a Paraffin Wrap Manicure, our signature Spa Pedicure or both with any of our experience nail technicians. Professional make-up services, precision waxing and eyelash applications & extensions are all provided by Cactus professionals. Teeth Whitening, Permanent make-up and hair restoration is available at most of our locations. Indulge yourself with the most effective laser skin services such as Hair Removal, Wrinkle Reduction, Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction treatments to complete your total beauty experience.

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