Natural Concepts Salon & Day Spa

Natural Concepts Aveda Salon & Day Spa
April 20, 2023 – 12:23 pm
Natural Concepts Aveda Day Spa - Natural Concepts Aveda Concept

(309) 693-9850

I went here for my first ever Brazilian wax and Sarah was amazing. She made everything so comfortable and as painless as possible great experience.

I went in yesterday for "just a trim" as I've been letting my hair grow out. The girl that had been my stylist the last year or so has moved on, so my appointment was with a new girl, Ashley. My hair is just past my shoulders, and had been layered, so I'm letting layers grow out, too. I have to say I am REALLY happy with my "just a trim" and the way Ashley styled it when doing the blow out. I will be back!

Pretty upsetting experience. I went for a blonde balayage from Sarah while visiting my hometown of Peoria. My hair was medium brown. Showed 3 pictures. 5 hours later, my hair was orange/blonde. I told her that I "hated it" so she put an ash deposit over it. No highlights where I asked for them. She said she would "put it in her notes" to do them next time. She said I would have to keep coming back for the process, and convinced me it would be better next time. I figured I could wait it out with this color for another month like she recommended. I got a haircut in the next 3 days (She did not do one like she said she would and my previously healthy ends were fried) and the stylist told me to go ask for my money back. I have leopard spots in my hair. My hair is a bright orange/blonde as well. The color deposit must have masked the true color when I left the salon. I called the salon and explained to the manager, Toni, that I have spots in my hair and the color is off. She asked for pictures which I sent. She kindly apologized and said that if I came back, they would make it right. I drove 3 hours back to the salon on their suggestion. The managers and owner all said it was not acceptable and gave my money back. They asked multiple times to let them fix it at their salon and not go elsewhere and I reluctantly agreed. The manager then called me before my appt about 30 mins later and asked me not to return because the stylist was upset. The owner implied that she said I had gone to another salon in the last 4 days and we should "part ways". I let her know that I was extremely offended that they called me a liar after and went back on their word to fix my hair once I was out of their salon. She later called and said that no stylists felt confident attempting to fix it and attempted to back track over her previous comments. Update: A salon in South Carolina during my vacation was able to fix this in one, two - hour session. The spots were covered with color, but are still fairly visible. I received a 3rd phone call from the Natural Concepts manager on Sunday (another 4 days since my return trip, over a week after my initial appt.) while with my family on vacation. They also took to attacking me on Yelp until Yelp removed their fake review. My experience with this salon has been very bizarre. The pictures speak for themselves.

The salon itself was excellent. Clean, pleasing environment. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. Amanda my hair stylist was excellent, I could not be happier with my hair and service. The only complaint I have has nothing to do with the salon itself. It's an Aveda salon, generally all Aveda products and services are over priced. If you are looking for a deal on salon services this is not the salon for you. Aveda sets the prices here not the stylist. Other than the price I loved my service.

Do a wonderful 1 1/2 hour massage with Trish. So relaxing. Just the place to go to get rid of your stress.

I came back to Peoria on vacation and needed a haircut. Natural Concepts was the perfect recommendation - and I highly, highly recommend Mary P to any newcomers. She was easy to talk to, walked me through exactly how she was going to cut my hair, and did a FANTASTIC job both cutting and styling. Aveda products can be a bit pricey, but the $40 haircut was worth every penny.

I've come to Natural Concepts for many "girls days" with my sister and aunt. They are always great no matter why service we get. Everyone is phenomenal! We came here the day before my wedding for manis and pedis and again, the service was great! We were given a room to hang out in and eat lunch in. Also, we didn't specify when we made our reservation that some of us wanted gel manicures. (I think that's what they are called.) Anyhoo, it messed up their scheduling and they just went with the flow. They rearranged themselves in order to meet our needs and were just wonderful. I also had my mother in law, sister in laws and nieces get their hair done here the day of the wedding and I know they were happy with Natural Concepts as well. Highly recommended!!

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