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The Best Spas in Toronto
May 4, 2023 – 06:50 am
The Characteristics of Best Day Spa Toronto |

Body Blitz (East)The best spas in Toronto lay you down gently into the lap of luxury. A couple are women-only, but most cater to all genders and relaxation needs including massages, facials, body treatments and soothing pools of all kinds.

Here are the best spas in Toronto.

Sorry fellas, you'll never get to experience the glory that is Body Blitz, the womens-only spa with locations on King East and Adelaide West will help you relax, detoxify and replenish with their therapeutic water circuit, body scrubs, mud, body glow or massage treatments.

Tucked away on Elm Street, you'll find this oasis of spa treatments and pools. Enhanced facials, sugar scrub and Li'tya healing rituals are just some of their specialties. The four-story spa is super peaceful and quiet once you're inside and there's a sun room for relaxing once you've tried the pools.

Elmwood Spa

This 30, 000 square foot Yorkville retreat features 17 spacious treatment rooms, two steam rooms, one pool and a salon with hair, manicure and pedicure stations. It's the place for luxury with treatments like a gold plumping facial or honey and milk body scrub .

Constantly ranked one of the top luxury spas in the city, this Avenue road escape inside the Park Hyatt is a 10, 000 square foot space with saunas, a full-service salon, whirpools, steam rooms and private cabanas to chill out. They also use and carry brands like Dermalogica, Lovefresh and Deborah Lippmann.

This King West oasis models itself after traditional Turkish baths. Its 8, 000 square feet of luxurious spa environments includes manicure tables and pedicure thrones, spa suites equipped with two person jacuzzi tubs, rain showers and massage beds. Spa-goers also get access to their famous Hammam steam room.

Four Seasons Spa

Miraj Hammam Shangri La Hotel

Head up to the fifth floor of the Shangri La on University and you'll walk into this peaceful paradise that features a marble-panelled hammam steam room that lets visitors sweat out stress at temperatures of up to 120 F. The Moroccan-inspired spa is notable for being one of two in North America to partner with French skincare brand Caudalie.

This women's day spa on Queen East offers a pool, infrared sauna and a whirlpool. There's also food catered by George Restaurant and they have a treatment called the Tata Harper Red Carpet Facial which includes a quadruple mask system to work on every level of the skin.

Spa My Blend (Ritz Carlton)

The Ritz Carlton's spa on Wellington received the World's Best Hotel Spa from Travel + Leisure magazine back in 2013. The only other "My Blend" spa on the planet is in Paris and on top of facials, massages salt water lap pool, and green tea infused vitality pool, they use an exclusive line of skin products with all their treatments.

The Hazelton Hotel's spa treatments are the standard mix of scrubbing, de-aging, and detoxing, but with a special focus on the traveler - including the jet lag facial. They use a Swiss product line called Valmont and the lap pool is stunning.

Stillwater Spa Hammam Spa Miraj Hammam Shangri La Hotel Sweetgrass Spa

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