Best day Spas in Kansas City

Liberal day spa ranked as one of the best in Kansas
March 23, 2024 – 06:30 am
The Best of KC - 435 Magazine - August 2014

A Liberal business was recently recognized as one of the best in its category by a web site that ranks what’s best in Kansas.

The site, ranked Liberal’s Oasis Day Spa number five out of the top 10 best spas in the Sunflower State.

The spa was opened about three years ago by Lindsay Hall, along with partners Julie Bunnell and Chris Wells, and Hall said the name “Oasis” was chosen because that is exactly what the group wanted the business to be.

“Three of us were looking for a more quiet environment to offer more of a spa type of environment, ” she said.

Oasis caters to men and women and offers everything from facial and skin treatments to pedicures and massage.

“We’ve offered microderms, facials and massages, ” Hall said. “We still have a massage person, and I’m doing microderms and the hydro facial. It uses water technology to exfoliate the skin and add moisture.”

Oasis Day Spa is located at 41 W. Fourth Street, directly across from City Hall, and from the outside, the building looks like a common business office. Hall said, though, having a spa at this location is really ideal for what she and Bunnell want to accomplish.

“We really liked the space because it had lots of plumbing available for all of our needs, and it was nice and redone, ” she said. “When we were looking for spaces, this just happened to be the one we liked, and we just kind of meshed it with our own style and what was here already. Just what was existing here kind of prompted us to pick this, and it’s downtown, good location, easy parking.”

Hall said about 20 years ago in Kansas City, she got a facial done, and from that, she decided to attend cosmetology school in Manhattan and become an esthetician.

“I did nails to fall back on, ” she said. “Now, I’m just doing the waxing, the facials, hydro facials. I’ve been working here in Liberal for 18 years. I’ve been in the business a long time.”

Bunnell said Best Things Kansas ranks many different things in the state, including pizza parlors. Like Hall, she agreed that the name “Oasis” really fits what they want to offer to clients.

“I love the name of this place, ” Bunnell said. “It is an oasis in the desert.”

Many of the other spas on the list were in bigger areas and other parts of the state, including, Wichita, Shawnee, Hays and Ottawa. Bunnell said she was unsure of how the rankings were determined.

“I tried to find out, but I couldn’t figure it out, ” she said. “I assumed it was a combination of online reviews, but I don’t know for sure. I asked them, but they never responded.”

In its description about Oasis Day Spa, Best Things Kansas wrote, “A breath of fresh air out in the far reaches of Southwest Kansas is the Oasis Day Spa in Liberal. Schedule a refreshing day a spa and treat yourself to all the amenities offered by the professional, warm and gracious staff.”

Hall said the review means Oasis is succeeding in what it set out to achieve.

“We just wanted it to be a little bit more calm with not quite so many people, ” she said.

Hall said she found out about the designation through being tagged on Oasis’ Facebook page.

“I was super excited, ” she said. “I’ve been working a lot of the years around Liberal, and it’s hard to get noticed out here no matter how nice or how big your place is. We’re a small business that hasn’t done a lot of advertising, just word of mouth, and to be ranked on a list that has some of the top spas in Kansas was pretty exciting. I was thrilled. We had a goal. We just kind of went with it, and so far, it’s working out three years later. That’s nice.”

With children in school and a business on the rise in the community, Hall said she plans to stay in Liberal for a while, and she plans to keep Oasis at its current location for a while too.

“For right now, it’s serving our needs well, ” she said. “Maybe some day, I could buy a building or expand somehow, but for right now, this is probably what we’ll do for the next few years.”

Hall said Oasis carries a large selection of professional products.

“We keep our shop extremely clean, ” she said. “We really care about sanitation and our client’s safety first and foremost.”

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