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April 1, 2024 – 05:30 am
Spa Escapes: The Top 12 Spas in New England

Delamar Spa, Greenwich


This spacious day spa located on the second floor of the Delamar Hotel in Greenwich offers the ultimate in relaxation in their 1, 500 square foot space. Reward yourself with a variety of massage therapies, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures by Beautiful Nails and much more. Pamper solo or with your partner in the couples’ treatment room.

Med Spa

Esana Med Spa, New Haven


Under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Deborah Pan and Dr. Javier Davila, Esana offers a wide range of aesthetic care procedures, from liposuction to Mommy makeovers—a combination tummy tuck and breast surgery. If you’re uncomfortable with surgical options, noninvasive enhancement procedures are also abundant from laser hair removal to anti-aging treatment.

Overnight Spa

The Spa at Norwich Inn, Norwich


The Spa at Norwich Inn is the perfect place to take a true rejuvenation getaway. Check into one of the 100 rooms and suites on the inn’s 42 scenic acres and take advantage of their amenities—valet parking, nightly turn-down, fluffy bathrobes and the full range of luxurious spa services, from traditional restorative massages and therapies to specially designed treatments.

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