Concepts Day Spa Salon

Concept Day Spa
June 3, 2024 – 01:26 pm
Yorkville, Toronto, ON, Canada |
2801 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(718) 332-2666

My fiance bought me a gift certificate because I had been complaining that I couldn't find a place to get a good massage, facial and hair services all in one place. Concept is that place! They also do mani/pedi's but I've never tried that. My facials with Olga are thorough and they use great products. This place is a clean, hidden gem! Update: Concept has become my favorite salon where I'll go for massages, facials, all hair appointments, manicures and pedicures.I love this place!!!

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! Came there to cut my hair A LITTLE BIT. Explained the hairdresser that I wanna do kind of the same what I had, but my ends were pretty damaged and I just wanna cut them a lil bit, so I asked for " BOB" - shorter on the back and longer on the front, she said " ok" and started the process. If you don't smoke just don't even try to go there, cuz these guys are smokers and you can smell this " ombré" which s disgusting! So when she finished with blow drying I was shocked how horrible and opposite from what I asked for my new haircut is!!! And when I told her that she messed up my hair, she tried to say that I'm wrong! WHAT?! So no apologies, nothing like " left me fix it". At least I've got the special deal as a new client and paid 25$ + tax and + tips ( of course I tipped her, just because I'm too nice) Will never come back!

disgusting pitiful establishment. the receptionist is rude and the owner is horrible. they make appointments and then cancel them and when i complained he cursed at me. do not go is not part of concept elite!

Crystal is absolutely amazing!!! Not only did she turn my dark brown hair into blonde but she told me to come a few days later to get more toner. She also did an oplex treatment, and left it on my hair for a few extra minutes. She truly goes above and beyond, she's just a miracle worker.

I have been looking for a stylist to tame my curly hair since I moved to this neighborhood and I finally found it at this salon. The girls are friendly and sweet and I felt very comfortable from the time I stepped in. I'm not sure the girls name but she is in the first chair and has threaded my eyebrows before. Awesome threading btw! But she was able to handle my very kinky curly hair without overheating it. I am so glad I found a local spot to do my hair, eyebrows and they even do pedicures. Overall very pleased with this place.

This place is a shady business. They can sell you a card today and then change the policy regarding the expiration period of the card and there is nothing you can do. It is your responsibility to check their website and make sure that the policy is still the same as of at the time of the sale. Do not trust them, get a proof in writing and make them sign it. I purchased prepaid card for facials during the spring special sale back in 2013 and had one left at the end of 2014. At the time of the sale their receptionist did not tell me anything about expiration date and I was believed that it was valid for the life time of the business. Also I was given a number instead of the card and was told that the number without the card was enough. I called them in November 2014 to verify that the number was still good and was told nothing about the expiration date, so I decided to give my last facial to someone as a Christmas present. When that person called them in January of 2015 to schedule an appointment, they said that it expired as of 12/31/14. I called and spoke with the owner who promised to call me back and never did. The receptionist kept mumbling about their policies on website and the gift cards that they sell (I have never seen one). They acted like I came to their place and sold that prepaid number (not a card) to myself. They do not keep record of their customers and have no idea who is their regular customer and who is not. It is hard for me to believe that after being their customer for at least three years they could put me through the frustrating experience of arguing with them on the phone for $50 which I have already paid. They blamed everything on their former employee and denied any responsibility. I will not recommend this place to anyone. Stay away from their gift cards.

I didn't know why people write bad reviews. That's waste so much time. However, today I this salon really make me upset, so I want to share my experience with future visitors and the owners of the salon. This is the third time I'm visiting this salon. The first two time I got a good girl and I like my hair treatment; but today it was just a nightmare. I got hair treatment and facial today. Shampoo girl thought I wanted to wash hair, so they put me on the head washing chair(They have 2 chairs). I seat for 5 minutes in the chair, but the girl was busy, I didn't want to seat in this chair, so I went to seat near entrance. Then she called me, so I come and seat on the chair, but this chair was very uncomfortable(it hurt my neck). I told them and they told me to wait again for another chair. So I waited for second time. When I ask something, she didn't understand what I was saying. But, that is okay. The whole time they were talking something about me on Russian (I understand a little bit of Russian). They can talk Russian later, not when they doing service for customers. Who like it? Next was the Facial. I wanted 20 min massage, but she looks professional that is why i did 30 min mini facial for $45. But she is not professional! When she put the mask on me she went to smoke. When she came back her hands smells so bad. I couldn't relax during facial. How much she didn't respect me that she smokes right before touching my face. Terrible! I didn't want to fight with them, so I didn't tell them nothing. They all Russian and they all will support each other. When I was paying money they were still talking Russian... I pay for all their service, even left more than 20% tips. But, be sure I will never come back to this place!

I came here after getting a bad hair cut somewhere else. The hair stylist Anastasia fixed my hair cut right up and made it very nice and even :) great place! I would definitely recommend especially for hair cuts !

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