fusion Salon & Day Spa

Fusion Salon and Day Spa
August 6, 2023 – 06:55 am
Fusion Nails & Spa - 169 Photos & 84 Reviews - Nail Salons - 2886
3007 Dune Dr
Avalon, NJ 08202

(609) 967-3292

My sister booked day-of-wedding hair and makeup for herself, my mom and me. She had also booked a trial for me, but I later cancelled it because I just couldn't justify the extra cost of doing the standard natural/elegant bridal looks that I wanted, I don't have a lot of hair (so complicated updo was not required) and I'm just easy-going about makeup and hair. Knowing this salon specializes in bridal, I expected them to be able to professionally execute a standard bridal look (I brought picture examples) without a trial. Courtney Riebel did my hair and makeup and she was wonderful. She listened to everything I requested, made small adjustments as necessary, and most importantly, made me look and feel like a million bucks for my wedding day with a look for both that lasted through a long and humid summer day. One star docked for quality for part of my sister's updo falling apart as soon as we got home. The only (really) annoying thing was at the end when the receptionist charged an extra $20 for lashes we didn't buy and pushed a product credit instead of correcting her mistake and charging the right amount (she tried to claim it would be too difficult to re-ring. After spending about $550 for services and tips, this was an unprofessional way to be thanked for our business and sent on our way. They later sent her a check, but I docked a star for flexibility. With Courtney, you are definitely in solid hands for getting your hair and makeup done for your special day at Fusion in Avalon.

Came to Fusion Hair Salon on the recommendation from a friend. I had gone to another salon to have my dark brown hair dyed blonde. The stylist there didn't handle my hair properly and it came out gingered colored! Thank God for Jessica at Fusion!! She was able to add more highlights and tone down the orange/brassy color to get me to the color I wanted! So happy with my color correction and will be a loyal client with Jessica from here on out.

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend and was expecting to come out of this salon looking great, what I got was bad hair and worst makeup. The bride booked the 5 of us for hair and makeup. When we arrived the receptionist told us our appt was actually 45 later, this was a huge problem for our timeline as each part of the day was planned out especially making sure we had enough time for pictures. Granted the bride might have gotten the time wrong BC planning a wedding is stressful and mistakes happen. I'd be grateful if this was the only problem. The bride and I were the first to have our hair and makeup done. The other bridesmaid stylist were average. The brides stylist was great, flawless makeup and great hair. My stylist Celcilia was NOT. I sat down in her chair and showed her a detailed picture of both hair and makeup trying to be as clear as possible. She did not even bother to brush out my hair before beginning the styling process, just took out a curling iron and started curling random pieces. I kept telling her I wanted a very loose side braid, my hair pulled to the side and pinned with big curls framing one side of my face. What I got was a side ponytail braid with a rubber band and another chunk of hair on the side curled and pinned behind my ear. When I got home my husband even said "what happened to your hair? I thought u went to the salon?" It looked so awful I unpinned and unbraided the whole thing and redid it myself. I could barely re-curl the hair BC the stylist had put some clay product in my hair that left it greasy and heavy. BUT that does not even compare to the makeup job!! I again showed Cecilia a picture of exact eye makeup I wanted, but what she did looked nothing like it. I wanted shimmer eye shadow with a light smoky eye.she gave me matte purple eye shadow with a barely visible eye liner. I brought eye lashes and glue from home to have her apply. Clearly it was her first time doing this BC it took her forever and she used so much glue that u could see the globs, placed them on unevenly, and only in the middle of my eye lid. So the inside corners and the outside corners had my natural shorter eye lashes and the middle had super long lashes. It looked ridiculous. In addition she did not put on any mascara, no bronzer, no powder, no blush NOTHING. Then for lipstick she could not even apply lipstick straight, she left me with uneven lines and chunks of lipstick stuck to my lips. Again I went home and added my own mascara, own eye shadow, more eyeliner to cover the glue chunks on top and re-did my lips. AND I was the first one to be started on and the last one to be finished BC my stylist was so slow. All the other bridesmaids had young hip stylist with much more style and technique. The worst problem is the salon has no problem charging top dollar for crap service. I paid $60 for eye shadow, eye liner and chunky lipstick. That's not a full face of makeup!! Plus automatic $12 mandatory gratuity. I paid $20 for her to apply MY lashes with MY glue I brought from home. Unevenly applied with chunks of glue on my eye lid. What a ripoff!! I paid $85 for hair that I had to completely take apart and redo myself after sitting in a stylist chair for 2.5 hrs. Plus $17 mandatory gratuity. $194 for what exactly? If I wasn't running late for the wedding I would have asked for a new stylist to do it from scratch. Lucky for them we ran out of time BC they had wasted so much of it. Brides and bridal party beware this place is a waste of money with inexperienced stylists!

We went to Fusion for a Bachelorette party today and had 14 girls getting various services, spent a good amount of money and the front desk lady(red hair) was incredibly rude and abrasive. When we asked about any changes to services, she acted like we were putting her out and then the girls actually doing the services were so nice and so flexible. If it weren't for the lady at the front desk, the experience would have been much more pleasant. She acted the same way on the way out when we were paying, extremely abrupt and unaccommodating. Would be skeptical going here if you're looking for polite service. Note: Everyone else was great! The front desk lady was just a total mood killer for the whole party. We were all in disbelief at the way we were treated.

Always a pleasant experience when going to Fusion. Courtney has been highlighting and cutting my hair for years. Atmosphere is inviting and staff is always professional. I highly recommend a visit to Fusion if you are in Avalon!

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