labella Salon and Day Spa

Cannabliss at La Bella Salon
May 2, 2023 – 08:17 am
LaBella Salon & Spa of Owosso, Michigan | Enjoy The Experience!

Haleigh's Hope oilThe cannabidiol (CBD) retail store that is gaining national attention has now opened its second location on the west side of Albuquerque, inside the award winning La Bella Spa and Salon. This unique boutique caters to everyone, from infants to the elderly, and even pets, who are in need of natural CBD hemp-based remedies. What once started as a single shop in Nob Hill, no larger than a walk-in closet, has now blossomed into two beautiful locations. The grand opening of The CBD Boutique at La Bella Spa and Salon in February was a huge success, with people from all across New Mexico coming together to show their support.

  • Company name: La Bella Spa & Salon
  • Type of business: CBD Retail
  • Business Address:

    10126 Coors Blvd NW
    Albuquerque NM 87114

  • Business Website:

In just under two years, this family-run, local business is making remarkable accomplishments. The CBD Boutique has been working tirelessly for the community, teaming up with non-profit organizations, like Grow for Vets NM and American Cannabis Nurses Association. They are also known for their charitable contributions to Epilepsy Support & Education Services Inc., and Best Buddies. On a daily basis they work together with doctors and medical providers across New Mexico to find natural options to avoid addictive and harmful pharmaceuticals using CBD hemp alternatives. There is no question that this wonderful company has been making great strides to better our community.

The new chic location creates a classy and fun shopping experience, where you can easily spend your whole day relaxing! The boutique sits comfortably next to an assortment of amenities including a high-class spa, salon, barber and tap room. The salon's fairy tale like environment will leave you looking and feeling like a goddess, while Vincent's Barbers' sophisticated atmosphere projects raw masculinity. Top it all off at the tap room where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage (the pecan brew is impressively delicious!). All that relaxing will work up an appetite, and La Bella's newest addition will be a great place to satisfy those cravings. A locally adored restaurant, known for its elegant ambiance and decadent menu, will also be joining the fabulous villa this spring!

At this exciting new store, you will find a large variety of CBD-infused products, as well as a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help answer any questions you may have. All the products sold here undergo strict screening and always follow state regulations, with no exceptions. Everyone on staff is trained extensively on the facts of CBD hemp, and cannabis plants in general, to ensure every customer receives exactly what they are looking for. Education is their highest priority, so even if you don't purchase anything during your visit, you will still leave with the satisfaction of learning new information about the incredible uses of CBD hemp.

The CBD Boutique has been New Mexico’s pioneers for providing customers with premium products derived from domestic hemp. They were the first CBD-only store to open its doors in our state and is still the only place in town where you can find elite products such as Haleigh's Hope. Now, by partnering with La Bella Spa and Salon, they are creating even more original opportunities for New Mexico, by revolutionizing the spa industry. Soon you will be able to experience maximum relief with luxurious CBD spa treatments! Beginning early April, these services will be available to anyone who desires to indulge in lavishing, pure relief, all thanks to this great collaboration between The CBD Boutique and La Bella Spa and Salon!

Everyday life can dish out so much stress and strain that becomes overwhelming if you don't make time to slow down and focus on what makes you happy. To be healthy and enjoy life, we need balance, and using wholesome, beneficial CBD is a great way to achieve harmony in your body and mind. When you are immersed in the tranquil properties of CBD, combined with world-class massage therapy, you will truly understand what it means to feel bliss. Don't make yourself wait any longer. Book your appointment today, and prepare for your anxieties and discomfort to quietly melt away while being pampered in luxury like never before.

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