Olivers Salon and Day Spa

Oliver’s Salon & Day Spa
January 13, 2023 – 09:33 am
5202 Hamilton Blvd
Allentown, PA 18106

(610) 366-8808

I have been going to Olivers for 20 years. I have been with Carmen for almost 10 years. I even made an effort to get a hair appointment in when I moved out of the area. I highly recommend Carmen and I also refer my friends to her as well.

A year ago I went for monthly pedicure appointment and my usual technician was booked. They assured me I would like the new girl She was sweet but untrained. Didn't get massage feet/legs, hot towel was cold, polish didn't cover whole nails. Really unacceptable job. I didn't want to confront her or make a scene so paid and emailed Olivers from home of my complaints. They said they would train her and have me back in month or so, for free pedicure with her. Never heard from them. Don't want a free pedicure from her- wanted at least parcel refund for services not delivered properly Liked my usual technician but have found a place for half the price with no attitude. I will never return there. Very unprofessional and the service was so bad there is no way others weren't given same service 1-25-17. Read Olivers comment today. They told me they would train her and call me to schedule when she was trained to schedule my free pedicure. They never called. Very false to claim I dropped the ball. I wouldn't have gone anyway but that was a false statement. I have copies of the emails also but you are not worth the bother

Awful! I had a scheduled appointment and waited over 25 minutes and then left. Will make sure I spread the word of the rude unprofessionalism.

It's always stressful trying to find a new hair dresser for short hair. Jody is the best! She's been cutting my hair for the past 5 years and I have never had a complaint. Before I started seeing Jody, I shopped around and it was bad cut after bad cut after bad cut. I get so many compliments on my cut and my hair feels amazing. If you're looking for a short hair stylist go see Jody! :) I've also had manicure/pedicures here, eye brow waxes and massages and I have no complaints. The staff is always very friendly and professional. :)

I've been going to Oliver's since 2004. I was happy to see they did some amazing updates to the Salon on my last visit. Feels really elegant and Zen. Both my wife and I have been seeing our stylists for years. We typically use the Spa facilities a couple times a year. As far as scheduling appointments I usually call a day or two in advance. Haven't had any problems. It is a very flexible Salon. One day I brought my daughter (7 at the time) to my appointment and they were able to her nails while I got my hair cut. She felt like a little princess. For the Lehigh Valley they are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a change or new to the area.

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