Bodyworks Salon and Day Spa

Bodyworks Salon & Day Spa
February 26, 2024 – 02:54 pm
St. Pete Resort and Spa–Spa Getaways Florida–TradeWinds Spa

(727) 363-2348

Although they have now gotten Essie polishes, I can't say my nail services were worth $90. I got a gel manicure, had to kind of talk the girl into doing a French manicure with the gel, which was odd. The gel remained on my cuticles and under the top of my nails, which leads to peeling, so not thrilled about that. The pedicure was not the best I've had, but was ok. I was there for almost 2 hours, which ill never understand. I've had these exact services literally hundreds of times and never had it take more than an hour... With better results.

Both the woman who did my pedicure and the woman who did my massage where very nice, but for the price I paid for each it was not worth it! The pedicure was $50 and it's equal to an express pedicure at other salons. Very disappointing. The massage was ok. But I would never ever return:(

$80 for a mani-pedi (not including tip) and they don't even use quality nail polish. No OPI no Essie no Orly not even China Glaze or Sally Hansen. They use two brands I'd never heard of that chip instantly (I looked online and one brand Color Design retails for $3.29... SERIOUSLY?), they have about a dozen colors and don't even imagine trying to find a color that's on-trend or even a fresh bottle. When I was there there were two women doing nails. One, clearly more experienced, did a fantastic job. The other will talk your ear off and make a total mess of your nails. She didn't even trim my cuticles and there was polish on my fingers. On my wedding day my friend had to go borrow the polish and fix my nails herself in the hotel room. YIKES. I bought all my bridesmaids gift cards to use here for my wedding and was very disappointed. Bottom line: I have had $30 mani-pedis in Boston with GOOD PRODUCTS that were 10x better than the $80 one I got here with ghetto ones.

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