Best day spa Montreal

Top 5 Spas in and Around Montreal
April 26, 2023 – 09:57 am
Best Montreal Spas - MTL Blog

Bota Bota

is a floating spa located on the St-Lawrence River in Montreal’s Old Port district. Guests receive their relaxation treatments whilst enjoying the stunning views of Montreal’s skyline from this spa on a boat. The spa includes five decks, a Nordic water circuit treatment for those brave enough to jump from hot to cold water, saunas, steam baths, and yoga. The relaxation continues with facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and such body treatments as a chat-latte scrub.

Most interesting treatment: Bota Bota spa sur l’eau offers a massage treatment that is choreographed to live music from harpist Annabelle Renzo. An hour massage with a private concert: $195.

(514) 284-0333

Photo: Marie-Reine Mattera
Photo: Marie-Reine Mattera
Photo: Marie-Reine Mattera


Balnea Spa is located in the lush of nature near Bromont Lake. Balnea includes a waterfall, saunas with panoramic views, Turkish baths, whirlpools, natural springs, walking trails, and forest pool. They also offer a beach club facility near the shore of the lake. This club has hot tubs, a ten-deck patio, and a yoga platform. Balnea offers its guests massages, scrubs, wraps, slimming treatments and ritual treatments such as Ayurveda, which is the practice of traditional Indian medicine. Ayurvedic therapists focus on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual sections of a person, otherwise known as doshas.

Most interesting treatment: Anti-cellulite shock treatment with Costa Rican cocoa, coffee, algaes, cloves and juniper berries. This 90-minute treatment is a scrub, body wrap and massage in one for $130.

(450) 534-0604

Scandinave Spa Les Bains Vieux-Montréal

While admiring Montreal’s Old Port charm, stop by Scandinave Spa for a relaxing afternoon. Scandinave Spa offers massages and water therapy. The spa is known for their Scandinavian baths. First, guests will raise their body temperature with a eucalyptus steam bath, Finnish sauna or hot bath. The second step consists of rinsing in cold water by either taking a Nordic shower or jumping into a cold pool. Finally, guests guided to the relaxation room so their bodies may regulate themselves.

Most interesting treatment: Lomi-atsu massage is a mix of the Hawaiian Lomi-lomi massage and Japanese Shiatsu. The mix of both styles is said to detoxify organs within the stomach. The Lomi-atsu is at $140 and lasts 60 minutes.

(514) 288-2009

Spa Finlandais

gives its customers that peaceful, countryside feel without being too far from Montreal. The spa is located in Rosemère, just north of Laval. Spa Finlandais is known for their Arctic baths, Finnish dry saunas, Nordic waterfalls, many indoor and outdoor fireplaces and thermal baths. Spa Finlandais is expected to have its grand reopening February 28, 2014.

Most interesting treatment: Finlandais Royal Facial, a 90-minute facial that includes an exfoliation, deep hydration, hand and foot massage and eyebrow cleaning for $135.

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