Melbourne best day spa

Is This Melbourne’s Best Day Spa Experience?
November 6, 2023 – 04:15 am
The Best Places In Victoria To Have A Spa Day | Melbourne | The

As we ease into the festive season, where inevitable weight gain, boxing day sale trauma and abject poverty are there to greet us on the other side, it’s important to set aside some ‘me time’ so as not to disintegrate into a shrivelled post-Chrissie husk–and we’ve found the perfect place to cash that bad boy in.

Southbank’s The Langham, Melbourne has already forged a name for itself as one of Melbourne’s most lavish hotels, the website alone oozes class, and don’t even get us started on the insane location (or the flower bouquets in the lobby–phwoar). So when we heard word on the grapevine that The Langham, Melbourne had a day spa, we knew this wasn’t going to be just any old outdoor 25-metre lap pool and waterslide combo–and hot dayum, we were right.

The Chuan Spa is every living human being’s relaxation paradise (no pets, please). Built on oriental traditions, and based upon the principles of Yin & Yang and the five essential elements (think ‘The Last Air Bender’ + metal), treatments are personalised to realign your body, mind and spirit. The comprehensive treatment menu is composed of Australian-made Chuan products and combines marine-based Thalgo therapies with the nurturing qualities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Guests are invited to enjoy the state of the art pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and unique river stone snail shower (NEVER look a gift river stone snail shower in the mouth). These facilities make up Chuan Spa’s unique Tri-Bathing ritual, which is designed to reflect Chuan’s philosophy of flowing water, while alleviating tight muscles and stimulating your senses.

While you’re soaking in the ambience of tranquillity in the salt water Jacuzzi, make sure to take in the view of Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street station (and revel in the fact that you’re not running late to dinner due to works on the Craigieburn line), before moving onto the river stone snail shower, which will invigorate separate muscle groups with its twelve-jet conceptual shower design (yes, this is the real life, no, it’s not fantasy).

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